Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm coming for you, Miami! :)

In about 5 weeks, I will be heading to Miami for My birthday weekend. I can't wait! I have never been to Florida before, and I cant' wait to dig My toes in the sand and play in the ocean! (And get a tan before I blind people on the beach!)

So while I am there, I will be taking limited sessions. About 3-4 tops, and I want them to be memorable in a good way! I do want to return to the area in the near future, so let's make the serious players come out and show a little hospitality to a new time visitor! Now, I will NOT be taking alot of equipment with Me, such as latex and leather and pounds and pounds of equipment. I will be accepting the following types of sessions:

Foot/Body worship-clean or dirty
Light to moderate bondage-as I will leave the intense things at home for this trip!
(No switch/subgirl sessions on this trip)

Now keep in mind, this trip to to relax and enjoy My birthday! That is why I am taking limited sessions, to see how the local scene is! So due to that, NOW would be the best time to begin corresponding with Me so I can determine the top 3-4 people I will grant the honor of serving Me! The best thing would also be to check out My site and email Me from there!

5 more weeks, and then before you know it, it's My birthday! Don't fret, I will be back in NYC after that weekend!

Switch Lydia

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Switch Lydia C4S

So I opened My new C4S store, and would love to get together with certain, qualified, trusting people to work with Me and help expand My actions.

(I already have you bondage buddy in mind!)

So I am looking for trampling boys, toilet boys, human ashtrays, ticklish people, spankos, sploshers, Tops, subs, puppies and kitties, more bondage freaks, sissies, painsluts, masochists, roleplayers, feet guys-clean and dirty, spittoons, wrestlers, smothering lovers, and odd fetishists. I am open to many things, and as long as they do not fall into My limits, and yours, I think it's good!


Over 21 with valid ID.

Male or Female.

Willing or not willing to show your face is fine.

True to your kink.

Easy to work with, professional. (This is NOT a means to a free session!!! You must be someone I will want to work with again! I would prefer all newbies to session with Me at least once to determine chemistry. If you can't, I may not use you.)

Open with shoot times and locations.

No pay, but good times and laughs, even food! (And best of all, Me as a friend.)

Must sign a model release form.

Please check out My sites and then email Me through there with more!



Switch Lydia

Monday, June 29, 2009

My First Spanking Party! :)

Well, this past Saturday, I attended My first spanking party with Henry, aka Mr. Lamour!

Let Me begin by saying that Jesse Black is a great guy! Funny, and tells a good story!

We arrived a bit after 7:30pm, as it was quite a trek from Queens to downtown Manhattan. The financial district can be hard to navigate if you are not familiar with the area, but We found the place and enjoyed the short walk there!

We walked up 3 flights to be greeted by a warm crowd! So many were excited that We were coming, as it was the first spanking party We have been to. So many smiles and hellos and hand shakes, even a few hugs!

The best was seeing SissyBobbi there, dressed to the nines as Shirley Temple! The adorable pink satin dress, blonde tress wig, white gloves, white socks, dark red (?) mary janes, lollipop and Hello Kitty tin purse! ADORABLE!! I recognized her right away, and sized up in My head the best position to have her in across My lap! (More on that later!) She is a doll, very respectful and sweet!

We were greeted then by jay from the woodshed group, as W/we have been in a few delicious discussions about spanking and brats. Being a self proclaimed card carrying brat switch bitch, I'm sure he was a bit scared to be under My hand. His wife was a lovely petite Asian woman with great skin tone that I could lick all night! We then exchanged hellos with OTKspanko, as Me and him have been online friends for too long without meeting! He is a such a fun guy!

NOTE: We were not sure about bringing Our toys, as We figured there had to be some there to use. So many brought bags and cases for their devious sorts, and I only had My hand, small strap and dirty flip flops with Me. Next time..... But lucky the E/everyone is super nice and will let you use their equipment! How kind! THANK YOU ALL!!!

Henry and I couldn't take it anymore and ventured into a private room Ourselves. A quick placement of a chair, and I was over his lap for a good hard OTK spanking. I think that is the first time I ever was across his lap! WOW!!! We took notice to the X frame in the wall and I don juanita one of the hosts of the place for some rope to secure Me to it. (Yes, We are bondage FREAKS also!) My hands were tied tightly with My ass sticking out to him. With My pants around My ankles, he went full force with his hand and strap, making My pale bottom a beautiful shade of red/pink. I loved it! Oh if it wasn't a party the things We would have done.....

When We left the room after a good time, wiggling in the chair, a older gentleman struck up a conversation with Me. I think his name was Tom. (If it wasn't, I apologize!) We began to talk sports, mainly NFL, and he asked if I would like to discuss football while over his lap. How can a girl say no? Back into a private room for I! With a firm hand, soft paddle, lexicon paddle, and leather strap, he made the redness of My bottom even more red! No marks, and was even kind enough to rub lotion on it after! Awe!

Henry and I went downstairs and outside with Jesse to smoke. Such a lively area! Bars, clubs, street venders, the sights, the smells, the feel of the city! I love it! When We returned, Henry believed it was time for Me to take another spanking, and threw Me over the medical chair while OTKspanko and Miss Cassandra Parks were engaged in a lovely caning of his bare ass. Yum! Henry spanks hard and fast, with a few NICE moves that get Me juices flowing! Oh how I love it! :) And to have a small audience was a thrilling treat! ;)

We then embarked back to the party area, and I noticed SissyBobbi standing by one of the rooms alone. I had to have her then. I grabbed her arm and send "Are you standing there in hopes someone will spank you?" Before she could answer, I threw her across My lap and lifted that adorable dress up to reveal a cute pair of pale pink satin panties with pink lace rumba design. HEHE!! I let Her know the fury that is of having a small hand with big palms and thick fingers! She wiggled, squirmed, and loved every minute of it! There was no easing up on her, that naughty little girl! I asked if she had a ticklish butt, and she said no. So of course, I had to start to tickle it, when lo and behold, she is! Nothing like a ticklish butt! I used My strap on her when My hand gave way, but kept coming back to the joys of a bare bottom spanking! She moved so much, I wrapped My arm around her waist to hold her tight as I alternated fast hand spankings with grabbing her warm red ass! Such a doll is she! When all was done, a warm hug and a giggle! I love this sissy!

The best was when the night was over and she was leaving, she told many that I have a hand like the GWB. LOL!!! That is a a good one!

Then a little more mingling, including meeting Jules of SSNY, as the night was bringing more and more spanking to light! The rooms were filling up and the back area was filled with spankers spanking, caners caning, hair brushes being used, and bottoms happy! OTK asked if I would like to go under his hand, and I couldn't deny. It's been awhile of Us talking about switch spanking, and this is one I HAD to experience! (I will get you next time Gadget, next time!!) The whip, the hand, the strap, the belt, the screams and the moans, the knowledge that Henry was watching My bare bottom getting used in such a way that only a brat can understand was as rush! There was a delicious caning happening next to us, F/f style! Oh did She go to town on that girl! Evil with a cane, and all the bit classy doing it! She then used Her hairbrush on her, and I was just glad it was her and not Me, as I was content on what I was getting in comparison! (I hate the hairbrush!)

The night was over in a whirl, and the walk to the train, in HEELS, was a joy! I loved sitting down on the subway, with only Henry and Myself knowing how hot and red My ass was! Hehe! We can't wait for the next party!

Thank You Jesse of MSA for such a wonderful time!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Meeting with ScatDomme and company!

Yesterday I had the honor and splendor of meeting with Mistress Sarah once again while She is in town, a chance I sadly missed last time due to illness.

Well, this time I was in fine health and happy to see My friend again!

She is such a classy Woman, with skill and pose, and a laugh that is great. It was sweet to have adorable gena answer the door in her cute maid's uniform and white heels. It was welcoming to see puppy and sweet~thing at Mistress Sarah's feet, smiling hellos to Me. It was great to meet missy, who still will be taking a trip across My lap one day for a spanking of a lifetime! And of course, hugging Mistress Sarah and the warm kiss on the lips....yep, I got to kiss Mistress Sarah!

Another big plus was meeting slave_mike and Mistress Regan, who I have to say has amazing eyes! So hypnotic and beautiful! And great boots! She is very classy as well, and sharp! Love that sense of humor! (plus being another Midwest Girl doesn't hurt, W/we midwesterners are kinky!) Slave_mike, funny monkey! W/we did have to get him to stop throwing bananas and poor gena on her hands and knees cleaning up his poop! Mistress Sarah and slave_mike had a poop contest. She won! LMAO!!! (This did not actually happen.)

I love getting together with old and new people, and having fun! So nice to sit back, munch on some cheese and wine, and share stories, jokes, laughs, and advice. Mistress Sarah has a presence to Her, and it's one you want to share in with.

Thank You Mistress Sarah, sweet~thing, puppy, gena, missy, slave_Mike and Mistress Regan for a wonderful time!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Travel without BDSM

I will be heading to Chicago this weekend for 4 days. This will be a family function trip, and NOT one in which I will take sessions.

I do plan on making session trips in the near future, and once I have those plans made, I will be posting them. Now is not the time for Me to be taking on slaves and such in other areas as I am working on other more important issues that will be taking up My financial backup and travel would be out of the question right now.

I do wish to see the states and maybe overseas one day to take sessions, but I also think when one needs a vacation, one NEEDS a vacation. Even Mistresses need a break. We need a moment to unwind and put the whip on the shelf and relax. Be Ourselves without the business and just be an average person at times. I know I do when I need to!

I can't wait to see Chicago again, as it has been almost 5 years since I smelled the lake, tasted a REAL hotdog and REAL pizza, paid the toll on the 90/95, strolled around Evanston, been in awe of the sheer size of Woodfield Mall, the whole package. I miss the city, and all the wonderful things I remember from My childhood and early adulthood. I know I will be smiling wide once I get off the airplane!

Then it's back home to NYC. I love this city too!

Switch Lydia

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The other million dollar question.....

Oh do I get SO many!

As a switch, I am occasionally, if not more than often, asked the same question.

"So, do you like ever do Domme sessions?"

Hmmm, let Me think about that....


I want to make this fact be known. Yes, I am a switch. I have both Dominant and sub sides to Myself. I don't play both sides for monetary gain, I am who I am. I understand both sides, as I AM both sides. However, that does NOT make Me less of a Domme or a sub pretending to be one. Also, being a switch doesn't mean that during a Domme session I wish to be in the sub role and try to play that onto My client. I have heard of that before, and I personally find it sickening to know that there are people out there that blacken the title of Domme. Ugh.

About 95% of ALL of My sessions are ones in which I am a Domme. That's right. 95%. That means the other 5% requests are sessions in which I am switch or subgirl in. Only 5%. That means that at a 95% rate request, too many, I am MISTRESS. I am Domme.

I am also taking that figure in the past 8 years I have been working professionally, from Chicago to Phoenix to NYC. Think about that. I am requested more to be My Domme half than My sub half. If I receive 10 emails a day from potential clients, only 1 or less will be to switch or subgirl in session. If I were to receive 20 emails in one day, only 1 or even 2 will be for Me to switch/sub. That's a pretty small amount!

I have sessioned with many people off sites like Maxfisch and only one was a sub session. I wish I could get ALL the people that have sessioned with Me to post whether the session was Domme or switch/sub. The people that have felt the brutal or erotic end of My strapon, tasted My piss, shit, and spit, the ones that have licked My feet clean, the ones that have felt the sharp sting of My paddle and cane, the ones that I have brought to tears and fears and comforted them at the end, the ones that have been My puppies and worms, the guys I have wrestled and pinned down into the ground, the ones that have begged Me for forgiveness, the list goes on.

It's just too many to list. I used to have a personal list of all My clients and the things W/we did in session. I lost My Chicago one, but remember the fond ones. I have one for every single person I saw in Phoenix, and thanks the technology and having My own site with My own email, accounts of every person I have seen here in NYC so far. (Don't worry, I NEVER leak that info out anywhere as that breaks the code of discretion.)

I switch, yes. I'm not gonna lie about it or hide it, HELL, My site is listed as not! But I am more Domme than anything. I just also love to have sub fun when it happens!

Switch Lydia

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So this has come up a million times in discussion with BDSM and professionals.

"Are you real or are you pretending to be a Domme? I mean, are you only in it for the money?"

I think W/we all have heard this one before, if not a billion times. I am growing more and more irritated with this question as I am getting older and more so since I moved to NYC. I have been asked that from Chicago to Phoenix, and I thought with going on 8 years now in this industry should answer that. But I guess not. It always needs to be solidified.

I am 100% real. I am not pretending. Out of all the things I could pretend to be, why would I pick BDSM professional? I would rather pick pretending to be an astronaut or a chef. A CEO or a writer. I would rather pretend to be royalty, the president's illegitament daughter! I would rather pretend to be something I really am not, and being true to Myself is not one of them.

I had this conversation recently with a client during O/our session chit chat. He was true in saying I am 100% the real deal for him. I have been saying that for years! Sure, I am not the typical East Coast Dominatrix, the West Coast Dominatrix, the European Style Mistress, no, I am Me. I prefer to laugh, crack jokes, show My wit, make others comfortable, and have fun! That is what it is all about to Me, having fun. Yes, I can be cold and strict. Only if the session calls for Me to be such. I just prefer sessions in which I can kick it and have a blast!

Sure, I don't get session requests from clients that seek out a strict cruel "don't you look at Me unless I say so and kiss My feet" Mistress, but that doesn't mean I don't like sessions like that! It's just not My prefer play style. My style is more wicked, but playful. I smile in session, and it shows. I enjoy what I do.

This is sex for Me. The rush, the highs, the kinky activities that make Me twist in My seat! I love what I do, and yes, there is monetary exchange involved, but as I have said before:

"If Uncle Sam didn't make it to where I have bills and such to pay, I would do this for free!"

So I think I'm gonna start telling E/everyone I am an astronaut. :)

Switch Lydia